Business strategy game for Deloitte

From July to October 2009, I worked on the development of a business strategy game.
The project was made by VirtualFairground in collaboration with Deloitte and TNT.
It consists on a virtual world where the players can manage their investisment in 4 different markets and simulate their business growth.
The game is used into workshops as an e-learning application. The users can play on single-player or multi-player mode.

The team:
Stijn Colen: Project manager
Anko Elzes: Concept – Game design
Theo Hanegraaf: Artwork – Design
Tim Hudson / Alexander Wichers: Technical manager
Meinte van ‘t Kruis: AS3 development (3d world and proof-concept for most of the features)
Myself: AS3 development (architecture, data structure, development and finalization of the features)
Rob Postema: Design implementation + animation + flex skinning

The back end was developed by Deloitte’s team: Rob Van Belkum and Avinash Subramanya.

“The aim of this Deloitte Business Simulation Game is to accelerate the implementation of Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability (CR&S) within organisations and to develop CR&S Leadership. Playing the game will enable participants to learn how to balance the qualitative and quantitative dimensions of people, planet and profit within the context of a business enterprise. Learning and leadership development is focused on the reconciliation of dilemma’s around short term profit versus long term profit, gaining insight into CR&S complexities and competencies to manage CR&S risks.”

Extract from Deloitte’s documentation

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