MMO Club Galactik – Virtual Fairground

In February 2010, Virtual Fairground launched a preview of Club Galactik.

As I am leaving the company, I would like to thanks the whole team for the year that we spent together and the great collaboration made on the MMO.

Press release on the early preview – February 2010:

Amsterdam, the Netherlands– February 11, 2010. Virtual Fairground ( www.virtualfairground.com) announces today that it has launched a preview of Club Galactik ( www.clubgalactik.com ). Club Galactik is the Flash and browser-based virtual world and upcoming MMO game based on hit animation series Galactik Football ( www.galactikfootball.com).

In the preview players can choose from four of the seven Galactik Football teams, create a character, enjoy their own virtual room, explore two planets and the Club Galactik space academy. Players can chat, play mini-games to win achievements and collect trophies.

The full MMO game experience of Club Galactik is set to launch May/June 2010 in time for the start of the FIFA World Cup 2010 and the third season of the Galactik Football animation series.

“Galactik Football is a worldwide phenomena amongst youngs kids. We see huge opportunities to bring MMO’s like Club Galactik to an audience that is increasingly familiar with online worlds. This game will give them the chance to play, learn and connect with their peers in an entertaining and interesting environment”, says Ilja Goossens of Virtual Fairground.“With a gradual roll-out of games and features we will have plenty going on to keep the fans happy while we work towards a full launch mid 2010. Launching this preview is an opportunity for us to work with fans and listen to their feedback.”

Cédric Petitpas from Alphanim says:

“We look forward to receiving initial feedback to the online extension of the Galactik Football brand from fans all over the world. The interest and participation in this state-of-the-art virtual community and game will give us a reliable measure of where the excitement for the brand lays and in which markets the property’s business must be emphasized and developed in priority.”

Club Galactik is completely developed and published in-house by Virtual Fairground ( www.virtualfairground.com).

Players that wish to enter the preview can simply start signing-up by clicking Play at ClubGalactik.com

Published features of the preview and upcoming features:

  1. Explore 2 worlds and the spaceship training academy Club Galactik[/*]
  2. Create and dress a character from 4 of the Galactik Football teams[/*]
  3. Play 5 mini games featuring achievements[/*]
  4. Collect Trophies[/*]
  5. Chat in 6 fully localized languages[/*]
  6. Basic Parental Control features[/*]
  7. When the game goes live in a few months time it will include the following features:
  8. Train to become the best Galactik Football player in the world with multi-player Galactik Football matches featuring ranking systems and leaderboards[/*]
  9. Multiplayer collectible card game with 150 cards to win and collect[/*]
  10. Win, collect and trade items for your in-game character and room[/*]
  11. Shops for items[/*]
  12. Raise pets[/*]
  13. Decorate your room[/*]
  14. Make friends and challenge them to games[/*]
  15. Buddy management system[/*]
  16. Play mini games featuring your own avatar[/*]
  17. Become famous[/*]
  18. Extensive parental control features[/*]


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  • Lets clear things. Read above the second line and notice that this post is 1 year old.
    I do not work at Virtual Fairground anymore, nor on the development of Club Galactik.
    Please contact the right person for your request.

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