Speaking at Mediamatic – Barcamp: Data-Visualization

I am really delighted as I have been invited to do a presentation of “Get a life” at Barcamp this Saturday 7th of May 2011.
The thematic of the day will focus on data visualization. I will talk about the benefit of using the game environment to disseminate data to a broad audience.
The event will be hosted by my dear friends Dan Brickley and Zoja Bajbutovic. I hope to see you there!

“There’s loads of data available nowadays. What to do with it? How to present it on a useful and interesting way? Which tools to use to achieve all this? That’s what we will be doing at this BarCamp. Join us!”

• James Bryan Graves – “Welcome to BarCamp”
• Dan Brickley – “Goals & collaboration”
• Steven Pemberton – “Why visualization?”

Other lightning talk topics:
• Government data
• Visual Design
• Working with big data
• Europeana project
• Pure Data

Example ideas
• Turning data into useful APIs
• Processing
• Augmented Reality view in Junaio, Layar or any other mobile app

Vote / ideas
Vote for existing ideas or suggest a new one here.

Information and registration
Registration is open to everybody, but ideally you have one or more of the following skills: Visual and / or interface design, data-mining, statistics, business intelligence, or front-end web development.
Please RSVP if you want to participate. Participation is free.
The Barcamp takes place in Mediamatic BANK, Vijzelstraat 68, Amsterdam from 11.00 hours till 22.00 hours.
For questions about the content of the Barcamp you can contact Zoja Bajbutovic-Brickley. For general Mediamatic related questions you can contact Deborah Meibergen.

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