Mobile, HTML5, Flash: First impressions on Haxe + NME

I will not argue on this post about Flash vs. Html5, I think many people already blogged or discussed the subject during the past months.

As freelance, I clearly noticed a shift from the market and my expectations are that flash developers will become less focused on Actionscript and will add other programming skills such as Javascript/HTML5, Android and iOS.

To get prepared to move forward, I started to dive into Java for Android a couple of months ago.
Unfortunately, I was lacking time and I could not build thorough knowledge.

I was actually, a lot busy with Flash projects until now – mainly for the game industry.

Regarding Javascript, I must confess that I got confused with all the resources that were available and it was difficult to get started. Over the years, I relied on a couple of framework and “best practices” to set up my projects, using low-coupling, and MVC architecture. I could not really find my way with that the Javascript community could offer.

In September 2011, Nicolas Cannasse introduced the haXe plugin for FDT at the Flash on the Beach conference.
As a long-time user of Flashdevelop, I could already enjoy an IDE with a great integration of Haxe, but the new thing was the enthusiasm of the Flash community towards haXe development.

I recently found some time to get started with NME – “an easy-to-use, cross-platform framework” – build with Haxe.
I am still very new with mobile and web platforms, but so far, my experiments are promising and fun.

* First of all, NME’s API is very similar to AS3 and the learning curve is quasi null.
* The FD crew are constantly improving the ease for developing/compiling NME with project templates that are intuitive to use.

(I am currently testing the capabilities of my setup with a single project that I compile for Android (native 2.1), Flash and HTML5 at once, using the pre-build and post-build command from FD’s project properties, and its awesome!!)
I am not owning a Mac at the moment, therefore I could not yet try the iOS target, but I will definitely add it to my up-coming experiments.
* One other strong point is the forum and the mailing-list of NME and haXe where people are active and helpful.

Looks like I know better where to head now and I am really excited by the all new possibilities that are yet to explore.
I will try to post some of my experiments in the up-coming weeks/months (depending of the time I will have in my hands)

Stay tuned :)

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