awe6 workshops: Amsterdam + Paris

Following the WWX 2012 conference, I finally took some time to dive into Haxe and I focused mainly on a game framework called awe6.

Games built with awe6

With the support of Rob Fell and Mihail Ivanchev, I quickly discovered the so flexible capabilities of awe6. Willing to be more active into the Open Source activities, I officially joined the awe6 team in May. And, since I am having a lot of fun playing with this resource, I decided to share my experiments with you guys!

Therefore, I am planning 2 workshops.

The first one will take place in Amsterdam on the 17th of June.
There are few place left only but you can still email me on info [ at ] elimak.com to subscribe.

The second workshop with be in Paris and is organized by Silex-Labs on the 21st of June at the IESA (Metro Opera).
The whole day will be dedicated to discovering Haxe.
During the morning there will be a theoretical introduction to cross-platform development.
And in the afternoon, I will present awe6 in 3 parts:

  • Introduction to awe6
  • Understanding the main components – with coding examples
  • Going deeper into awe6 architecture in order to build a strong system for your awesome games!
  • More info here!

    The workshop in Paris will be in French (unless we have English speaking attendees).
    There are plenty of room, so please, come and join us:


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