Interactive data-visualization for UNESCO + info-graphics & charts

In October 2012, the Institute for Statistics of UNESCO opened a call for tender for the visualization of the Global Education Digest 2012.
And luckily, my proposal was approved.

With the participation of the team of UNESCO led by Amy Otchet and Thijs Geritz, we defined the visual identity of the project and the interaction for the data-visualization.
The project came live on the 21st of November and was published in 3 languages: English, French and Spanish.

The latest edition of the Global Education Digest reveals the urgent need to address the high numbers of children repeating grades and leaving school before completing primary or lower secondary education. New data from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) show that about 32.2 million primary pupils were held back a grade in 2010, and 31.2 million dropped out of school and may never return.

Together with Thijs, we delivered the following products.

  • 1 Interactive data-visualization showing the global trends, the regional snapshots, and the repetition rate and dropout rates for each country.
  • 1 Infographic & 1 flyer
  • 6 charts to support the public presentation of the Global Education Digest

Thijs was in charge of the visuals and I took care of the data-viualization and the overall project management.
The data-visualization is developed in Javascript and supports the main browsers including IE8.

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