French, expat in the California, mother. Creator of user experience. Equally at home on conception, on management and on production.

Graduated as Master in Project Management and Development in Multimedia in 2005, I specialized in providing innovative designs and front-end development for multimedia projects, including serious games, e-learning tools, data-visualization, web and mobile applications.

Solid programming fundamentals combined with expertise in user interaction design, and project management, allow me to perform and deliver on a wide variety of roles and responsibilities both in the design and the production flow of small to large scale digital projects.

Knowledge and experience:

Conception and project management
Interaction design / user-centered design
Documentation: flow charts, wireframes, storyboards, use cases, etc…
Data pre-processing, validation & analysis.
OOP & design patterns.
Actionscript 2,3, Haxe & JavaScript
Experienced with OS libraries such as:
– PureMVC, Pixlib, Robotlegs (AS)
– awe6, HaxeNME (Haxe)
– JQuery, CreateJS, Angular, Backbone, Kendo (JS)
– Jasmine, YUIDoc (tests + code doc)
Game development and software architecture
Experienced with public API (Facebook, Twitter, World Bank)

I received several awards and nominations for Dutch, European and International challenges.

My latest projects include several data-visualizations for UNESCO, a framework for an e-learning platform and a prototype for a cross-platform mobile app.
I occasionally give lectures and workshops on Gamification and cross-platform game development.
In 2011 & 2012 I co-managed a monthly meetup on open-data, big-data and semantic data.

My curiosity is a fundamental motive and my creative interests are various. To mention few, I like to listen & promote electronic/experimental music, I have a strong attention for visual arts & interactive environment. I am an enthusiastic traveler, loving to connect with new people.

Valerie Alloix
info [at] elimak [dot] com

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